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Meet The Team

EFFY is backed by an experienced team that has extensive know-how in business assurance and efficiency platforms spanning about 20 years in multiple industry verticals globally.
José Xavier

José has more than 25 years of worldwide experience in information and communication technology and has always been an entrepreneur, leading the launch, growth and successful exit of technology companies in US and Europe.

Most recently, José served as a member of the executive board at WeDo Technologies, a global company he helped to launch in 2001 and where he served as President for the North American and Caribbean region.

WeDo Technologies was the developer of RAID, the core technology platform that EFFY brought to the healthcare market. At WeDo, José also launched and led the company´s healthcare business operation in the US and captured the first customers in the region.

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Pedro Oliveira

Pedro is a seasoned healthcare business analyst with an impressive track record for implementing projects aimed at optimizing hospital costs and services in the area of enterprise informatics.


He served as senior consultant at WeDo Technologies, a global leader in business assurance for telecom and communication services providers, where he managed projects and gained significant experience in healthcare, utilities, finance and telecom.


Pedro earned a degree in Computer Engineering from the Universidade Lusíada, Alcântara, a Diploma of Academic Merit as Best classified Computer Engineering student, and is a certified RAID System Integrator.

Head of Engineering

& Delivery Services

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John Nanclares

With more than 25 years as CIO for multiple companies, John has an international career in information technology that includes 11 years of experience in the consumer marketplace followed by 14 years in the healthcare sector.


For healthcare organizations in both public and private sectors, John provided senior-level guidance and services for modeling as well as the creation and evolution of many healthcare units of different dimensions. In these business groups, he was responsible for the definition and implementation of the IT strategy, particularly regarding digital transformation. More recently, he has been focused on the trends impacting web development, virtualization and operational mobility in the healthcare domain.

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Fernando Videira

With more than 25 years’ experience in IT & Tech financial, administration, legal and people culture areas, Fernando was one of the Co-Founders of WeDo Technologies, the company that developed RAID® software.

Before joining Effy, Fernando held positions over the last 20 years as CFO, Board Member and Executive Committee Advisor at WeDo Technologies (acquired by Mobileum in 2019), at Optimus Telecom (now integrated in NOS Telecom operator) and at the Portuguese subsidiaries of Hewlett-Packard and Digital Equipment Corporation.

His broad professional skills, entrepreneur mindset and deep expertise in the areas of Finance, Strategy and Planning, M&A, Integration and Internationalization of companies, have contributed for the successful growth of several technology companies throughout his experienced career.

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Ana Elias

With more than 18 years of international experience in marketing and communication, Ana started her career as a designer, experience that makes her a hands-on and goal-oriented professional.


After her post-graduation in Communication Strategy and Media Relations, she engaged her career as a project manager and a corporate marketing and communication strategist and consultant. First in agencies in Portugal, Brazil and Angola, and afterwards has Marketing Manager in multinational companies in several business markets such as tourism, real estate, energy, oil and gas.


Her design thinking approach, along with her multisector experience, analytical and strategic mindset, focuses her in delivering problem solving marketing strategies in any business area.

Head of Marketing,  Communication & Inside Sales

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Hythem ElRakaybi​

Hythem is a creative and experienced Senior Delivery Manager with a solid background in business optimization, automation, and transformation. His core competencies are project management, team management and leadership, resource management, solutions advice and service delivery, with a passion for client and stakeholder relationship management.

Over 12 years work background with WeDo Technologies' Lisbon and Cairo offices and over 22 years of IT experience contribute for his strong experience in risk, process improvement and change management projects, as well has developed his skills in preparing critical business intelligence reports to support senior management decision making process.


Since then, Hythem has been delivering revenue assurance, and fraud solutions for high-profile clients throughout telecom/non-telecom/IT industries worldwide. 

Head of Delivery Services

(Middle East & Africa)

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EFFY is a global provider of business efficiency solutions.
Through the use of innovative software and our consulting experience we focus on improving enterprise efficiency, correcting operational deficits and maximizing revenue.

We empower our clients to retrieve, review and compare massive amounts of operational and financial details across the entire business chain.
EFFY uses generative AI and exception-based triggers to monitor revenue, quality and operational processes leveraging a powerful and fully customizable actionable analytics and hyperautomated environment.

EFFY has a subsidiary, headquartered in the US, focused on healthcare solutions, Effy Healthcare.

EFFY has offices in Portugal, Egypt and US.
EFFY is the Global Master Reseller of RAID® Multi-Industry.

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