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Using Technology to Deliver Business Efficiency

End-to-end business auditing from data collection to AI-powered corrective actions.
Continuous Automated Monitoring and Control, Revenue Assurance, Fraud Prevention, Risk Management and Business Assurance.

Use Cases & Solutions

Finance & Insurance

Credit Card Settlement​

Anti Money Laundering​

Claims Payment Auditing​

Insurance Premiums Auditing​

Commissions & Compensations 

Fraud Detection & Management​

Retail & Logistics

Loss & Theft Prevention​

Cost ​and Price Control​

Store Operations Monitoring​

Insurance Premiums Auditing​

Stock, Inventory and Shrinkage ​

Loyalty Programs Control​

Returns and Refunds Auditing​

Contract Management​

Healthcare &
Life Sciences

Denial Prevention

Revenue Integrity

Performance Analytics

Operational & Clinical Auditing

Regulatory Compliance

Contract Management

Fraud Management

Energy & Utilities

Contracting / Switching​

Communications Cost Control

Metering and Reading Assurance​

Fields Operation Assurance​

Billing & Collections Assurance​

Fraud Management​

Mobility &

Fleet Cost Control​

Workforce Management​

Fraud Management​

Communications Cost Control

Distribution Oversight

Theft & Abuse Control

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